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Yulianna Marusina, a local artist originally from the Ukraine realized her artistic talent(s) at the very young of 4 years old when she first began her drawings.   Over the years, She has developed that talent into any array of workable skill sets in the vastness of “the arts”.


Also an accomplished Dentist and a University Honorary graduate majoring the Sciences, she also completed her post-secondary education over-seas were she spend a number of years as a medical professional.  Additionally, she’s is also an accomplished professional Ballroom Dancer with more than 20 years of practical experience achieved in many of the well-known styles and routines common to the industry and was part of Marich Dance Academy in the Ukraine.


Furthermore, Yulianna decided to further pursue her true passion in the arts by focusing her energies and talents in the TV & Film industry.  As a unionized Actress with Actra Toronto Inc., she expanded her skill sets into Motion Pictures, Digital Photography, Digital Editing and Film.  Today she continues to paint and create images on multiple surfaces using an entire array of materials and styles accessible in the field.


Today, Yulianna is able to proficiently work with Oils, Acrylics, Water Colors, Graphite Pencils and Murals, including - Wall & Paste Moldings; her talent is as limitless as the imagination itself and inspired by God.   To present, Yulianna continues to pursue film, photography and fine arts and is able to express all these things in her works.


Most recently, Yulianna has been awarded first place in a number of local art competitions.


Yulianna is a true master of her skills and is ambitiously seeking to develop her art, works, talent while pursing to become an established artist, she also wishes to build and develop her own brand in the Fashion Industry.



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